People, Rickshaws & more ~ Dhaka & Cox’s Bazar Style

You would be amazed at how this place is… or shocked, depends. Cox is much better than Dhaka, at least for us that is. It’s a bit more laid back and doesn’t have the total pandemonium that Dhaka offers ( haha!) that said, Dhaka is quite ok if not for the congestion, people & vehicles, it’s unique madness where traffic lights are relatively moot, Red is GO all the time it seems. We had so many close shaves, sandwiched in between 4 buses in our Tuk-tuk ( or Tom-tom ~ auto- rickshaws), vehicles so close all you need to do is put a finger out, not even your arm. Yeah that close (eek!) And the HEAT in those things! OMG 😱😱😱😩😤😖 Sweat just pours out of you.
Also in Dhaka though, the second you stop (in traffic or something) kids, street peddlers selling flowers, fruits, books, toys, what-have-yous and beggars, will swamp the Rickshaw. Sometimes the traffic comes to a complete standstill and there’s nothing you can do but sit and bake. *sizzles*





(Inside the Tuk-tuk) caged motor vehicle 😁✌️*Tom-tom


In Cox ( Bazar) there are more Rickshaws and Auto Rickshaws than actual car (‘ghari’ in Bengali) from what I’ve seen…

The riders/drivers are something else..
They will ride past you, alongside you or swerve and stop and cut into your path as you walk and ask (persistently) for you to hop on and offer to take you to the local attractions, places or beach. Trick or tip is to try bargain a price BEFORE you get on or else they’ll ask for an exorbitant amount at the end of the ride. We speak from experience. LOL! Yeah… A 15 minute ride and Rickshaw man asks for 200taka which was just supposed to be 30-50taka according to our pals later when we told them about it. Yikes! ….. Yeah bargain and agree on a price first.

It’s actually quite fun in the Rickshaws here (Cox) as they don’t have the cage thingy doors like the Dhaka ones and you can see the scene and scenery and take pictures etc.

We have seen epic stuff being carried in these things. Goats, motorbike, Animal skin (with blood dripping from the freshly peeled animal skin) 😖ladders, coconuts and various kind of furniture, etc. We ourselves only carried plants in the Tom-tom. A gift for the hotel we’re staying in.



br />IMG_6329.JPG

It’s a great way to get around but yeah if you’re a foreigner and not used to it, yeah brace yourself, hard, for major bumps and bone-jarring shakes from potholes and swerves and steel your nerves before you embark on trips in the Tom-tom on the Bangladesh roads (it’s like going to war, let me tell you 😂 ) and the heat in these vehicles during traffic jams. Ouff. Bring a fan.

~ Liz







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