Blessings of A Newborn

Let’s see… Been some while now since the last blog post and we’ve been busy with our touristy and our something-something* things here and there..

Yesterday we did Aqiqah* for Andrew’s niece, little Lydia Dawn, who was born on the 25th of September 2014.


bless her ❤ Cutie Pie

{Aqiqah – is a welcoming celebration usually hosted by the parents or extended family of the newborn child to celebrate the child's birth and welcoming her or him. And also to prepare a meal from the meat and invite the community, including the poor to share in the joyous occasion.}

It was done at the Orphanage/School nearby and everyone gathered and helped with the occasion from start to finish….

Photos of Aqiqah at the Orphanage/School:









❤️❤️ 120 plates of the meals for the children and they enjoyed it all as much as we did 😊 Bless…

~ Liz


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