Counting Blessed Days

One of the favourite questions we get asked here is how long have you been in Bangladesh and do you like it here?
And we reply @Yes@ and they go really?!

To many it might sound like we are completely out of our minds (we are, yes of course, admitting it, not denying one bit, – it’s all in the whole -who we are and what we do -clause 😉

Well, re time etc, we’ve been here a few .. we’ve say oh just a while etc or something coz saying more than it is would involve more extra questions and we try to avoid that. 🙈🙉🙊

One thing we find here is that people are super inquisitive really at times it feels almost like an interrogation 😂🔦

We sit and joke “Geez how many FB posts u think are out there are of us ?” from when we first came till now many many many people have come up and taken pictures with us especially on the beach. Be it a whole group, many times with each person in the group and also couples n families and their kids, we pose with them, we don’t really mind the photo taking.. . as Cox is a tourist spot anyways, people on holiday etc … but then you have the questions… ouff …

• where you come from?
• how long have you been here?
• how do you find Bangladesh?
• how long more are you going to be here?
• what?
• why?
• how?
• which hotel are you staying at?
• can you come for coffee, today , tomorrow, now?
• Do you have facebook?
• Do you have a calling card?
• Do you have Viber, whatsapp etc?
• what’s your contact number?
• how did you two meet?
• where are you going?
• what are you doing today, tomorrow what’s your plan?

Like Daily, steady & constant.

Oh it can get exhausting… Haha. Like some one unknown, randomly assail you with these barrage of questions… wish u could say ‘ erm none of your business?… ‘ and walk on.. right?

Again that said, we are generally nice and stay friendly but it does bring about certain problems like taking a photo (or hundred clicks later.. I’m exaggerating, ..not ) or giving your contact number, suddenly someone assumes that we’ve become bestest buddies and texts you non-stop, don’t care what time it was, be it night or day.
We’ve had round the clock messaging, calls, as early as before the sun’s up till wayyyyyy past midnight like 2 and 3AM.
There’s no getting out of handing your number coz they’d make you dial on the spot n give them a missed call or something… and that entails an add on VIBER, whatsapp, Tango… eishhhh… ☎️📱📡📡⏰ 🙇💆

And then to top that off, you meet someone, be nice n cordial, they give you their FB ID and tells you to add them etc (I’m cautious whom I add anyways and of course it’s your personal right to add or not to add right?! ) .. ..but then you bump into them a few weeks later n they are upset n rags on you asking ‘why didn’t you add me?!’
Erm excuse me? U knows the term subtle hints?
Oh my…
So much so I begin to wonder .. hmm… I’m not sure all this being friendly approach is a good thing or not
coz people take it upon themselves that just coz of that, we’ve became best friends for life type thing and rings us up no matter what the time … Haha bless…. 🙆✌️#subtlehints #boundaries #personalspace

Of course it isn’t all bad, yin and yang, positive negative… all that said we do meet a lot of people too whom we connected and as it turned beautiful friendships bloomed and good acquaintances made.
People who have similar minds, maybe scary at first haha as you try to size them up … but language barriers etc aside, the dynamics of the new friendship makes you go Wow , distances , different parts of the world and different cultures but same cause. 🙏🌏❤️

When we first came it’s to see some things about the country, things we’ve been doing before us coming, things we’ve heard about, also about the people; be it the few times for me or first for Andrew, both wanting to experience various things and reach out where we can.
And that is what it is today. The number of people too who has come up to us with just that first exchange of numbers, in person or online and you meet, chat again and go “hey this is alright..”
Jim and Sarah haha we are tourists. Yes go with that. 😉

Ever heard the saying “And the Universe conspired..” ?
Well that’s the feeling I get about our time here. There have been many things we’ve seen and had the privilege to do … and we reach out and the people I talked about, same thoughts and cause, reaches back and we just compliment and collaborate as we go and things just come together… God blesses.. is all I can say.

Be it the mother struggling to earn for her family on the makeshift roadside stool she sits on under the heat of the day, to orphaned children who lost their parents in a devastating cyclone which wiped out their island or orphaned young girls whom a school have taken in and gave them free education, or providing treats, gifts or simple gesture of buying them a snack , or just walking with them and taking time to know their names and abit about them, those exchanges, those moments, those minutes, no matter what is so so precious and priceless.

Many smiles, rekindled hope , heartwarming and shining from people’s faces and that bit of difference it makes in their lives, a little respite and relief from their struggles, each and every one of them from the wee ones to the old, … just to be able to be a part of it , be it a small gesture or a smile, a hug to one or a contribution to a few all over, be it from us or people we are in contact with in various areas here, as well as parts of the world, friends, family etc, they hear and they want to be a part of it too…
And truly, for Andrew and me, we can sincerely say, from the bottom of our hearts, it has been a real privilege and a truly humbling experience, they have given us in return with all of everything and each and everyone.

God blesses many times over.
Ameen, Amen.

~ Liz ❤️

































P.S:~ I want to add a few lines to say a few words… in what we do we only do in our capacity sharing hope, love & support. Many who understands & shares this cause & experience with us, I thank you for all the kindness you have extended and we make it a very high priority to facilitate the help that comes through. God blesses…..❤️
To those who revel in jealousy, envy, and nastiness please take it somewhere else. Deal with whatever it is maturely and think carefully and wisely about the implications of your actions.
I wish you peace, acceptance and the capacity to move on … …
… Let go and Let God. ✌️~L


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