Showing how vulnerable you are is not a sign of weakness… for me it shows you’re human. Yes its ok to not have all the answers.. cause sometimes you are being reminded that its not on your time… you dont have that power. Its all in God’s time. He knows our paths more than we can see it ourselves.
But its also good to realise, that some things are not just given, that you have to put in the effort too.
Practice humility in everything that you do, for, maybe at an unseen twist of bitter fate, what you take for granted might be tested and taken from you.
Never look down on another human being. You’re not put on a pedestal.
Remember each person on your way up in life as you’ll meet them on your way down. life always goes in a circle. What you put out will always come back to you, the good and bad.

Don’t get smug in your thinking and behaviour. Respect others even though they can’t offer you anything back in return.
If things are not going anywhere, ask yourself why and try and see the problem so as to be able to find a better solution.
Change your attitude & views as needed, a much clearer path might be shown to you.

Many make in wrath what they want in reason… try to be slow to anger and accept criticism gracefully. Respect and true understanding of your purpose and how you conduct yourself with others can bring you the peace that you seek.
Be sad, crying is not a sign of weakness.. but cry and be done with it, don’t dwell, brood and don’t let it consume you to a point of debilitating.
Life’s too short, live, not just merely exist, if you find what you want, then go for it.

Love more than you are shown, Compromise is the key to any negotiations for a better understanding, it doesn’t mean your giving in or losing, it means you value and respect another person’s views as well.
Swallow your ego, its not fattening, letting it get out of hand will cause you more harm than good. Don’t be reckless with people’s lives.
Practice integrity, always do as you say you’d do, then you’ll earn the respect & trust. Peace & happiness will be yours, if what you say and what you do are in harmony. Strive for that.

And above all, hold on to faith and hope, for without it all human hearts would break. Good Luck.

~ Liz ♥️



Of Randomness & Such Meaningful Moments

No doubt this place tests your endurance and sanity I must say haha… The people here (many many people) are amazing, resilient, few annoying cause they follow and pester- I don’t know why but just hmmm really can’t explain. But mostly yes life lessons aplenty and priceless in comparison to be honest. The moments that the takes your breath away … being saucy here – not including the choked drains smells and cow manure LOL

Really … I have been taught plenty in humbleness and humility and the great human spirit in my journey here, and also the same for Andrew.

Too many to mention, some fills you up with hope, joy and contentment that you feel your chest is going to explode with it .. some brings you right back down to earth ..and in a hard way.

The photo I took just outside a snack shop where we bought our lunch of bread roll and one burger. There were people waiting outside and Andrew bought extra pieces and gave it to them. On the right side of the photo there’s an old woman, she was at a dementia stage I believe, needing care and the one who looked after her was the young boy in front of her, he fed her and cared for her. I don’t know whether he was her grandson but I don’t think so- just a human being caring for another… #lifesAngels

Another experience for me was we were at the bank and it was closed but there were a few people waiting and asking for money and the security guard shooed them away. One in particular caught my eye was a mother and her son. She was young in her late 30s perhaps and her son was maybe 9 or 10. They went away quickly as the guard cleared the area.
About an hour later we were on a Rickshaw heading to the nearby market and I saw them again, this time crouched beside a shop, sharing a small packet of rice… Ouff my heart *no words …

The need here and the desperation is immense and sometimes as human beings we dismiss just how bad it is for them based on just our shallow opinions and thoughts.

Andrew was telling me last night that on the way back from the Orphanage he stopped by a small slum area just off the beach where a small community lived. They were weaving fishing nets, a man and his wife. Just hospitable (they always tend to be, the *locals here ) and showed Andrew how he ties the net around his neck and the floats he used when he fished. The style of the way this type of fishing is that the men will wade the waters till neck high and spread out their nets in the water and wait for the fish. The old man told Andrew to come again the next day and he will give him some fishes from his next morning catch.
This, from someone who hardly makes anything for his family but just enough to feed them ‘hand to mouth’ #humbled

The children at the orphanage, the wee ones, shows us too the valuable life lessons in their own way of life.
As Andrew describes it best : “Kids with no parents, living on a dollar a day and still manages to smile more than I do.”
#lifelessons #grateful #humbled

(Photos by Andrew)


















to be continued….
~ Liz ❤️

Recents and life’s happenings

A quick post on the recents of past week :

The weather is quite warm and we haven’t been out as much as before, just more of going to check on things and get some things. We even have had to cut back a bit on our Sunset walkabouts, not going as much as before. We are so tanned it’s unbelievable haha. But winter is coming soon here, I think (hope) and with the weather cooler, we can do all of that again :))

Past weeks happenings:

We invited the StreetKids for lunch at the place we were staying in & they had loads fun & hung out in d flat … all smiles. ❤️

Went to the ROHINGYA huts on the secluded beach of Inani to give out some gifts for the children there.

Work on the Cookhouse is looking good and should be completed soon (keeping in mind “This is Bangladesh” :))

Went to the market again to buy the things to cook for the Orphans. 🙂


Both Andrew and me we feel really blessed that we have been able to be here and reach out and experience it all n to help. Things we get to experience in person here have been real good eye openers, how it’s like to live in another’s place to see what they see and to experience it for yourself.
And many times the people and experiences here teaches us, more so than the other way around; even with the kids… #humbled

Many people have reached out, some of our own friends, family and sometimes through friends of friends, people from the network, all help out and make all this happen too. It’s just been amazing. 🙏

Funny how people’s Life’s journeys are, be it intricate, delicate … the tangled weave of life; but everyone plays a part. Trust that there is a role each of us have in this world, in this life.
Sometimes cocooned inside our private dramas we often don’t realize life beyond us rolling.
So some stay, some go, some cross oceans, some stand in place of-or for others, filling gaps,… there’s always a place in one’s life in the grand scheme of things; it may not be smooth but trust that’s exactly where you need to be.

Choices and sometimes breaking out from the norm and sometimes it really can’t be explained just how life unfolds, personal journeys and we seek to fulfill what feels good for the soul, our own life’s path. Some at junctions of their lives where the pursuit for monies and riches and material things are not what we seek anymore in what others define as happiness but a journey within too.

I feel and so does Andrew that there are people who don’t get why we do what we do, and why we journeyed out of the comfort zones of our own lives to do something, to fill the need, to fill the void, why we seek outward and do what we do; that which not many people have taken the time to reflect and understand why this.

Like the good, we take in the bad too, criticisms and put downs, well to be expected I guess; human nature that even if u stay n do or don’t do, you’d get criticized any which way, it’s all part of life.
Both of us feel this is what we need to do in our lives, break away from the exhausting, constant race & monotony and slow down, to find our purpose, to reach in, reach out, teach, share, give;..

That’s the thing with personal journeys, life’s path differ from one to another. Probably not all people will get it no matter how you try to explain and sometimes you have to make peace with that coz it does boil down to you yourself and it may not make sense to others but suffice that it makes sense to you. #acceptance

It has been a roller coaster ride but we are so thankful too and important that we have each other, someone who shares the same likeness and passion, that while doing what we do we, can share that with the other and turn and say “holy shit” or “how Epic is that?” and that in itself feels good and makes it even more fulfilling.

~ Liz & Andrew ❤️


“Each of our lives’ is a separate and precious journey. No matter how happy, sad, painful, tragic or confusing it may by, it is unique and beautiful. No matter if we hurt others or if we ourselves were hurt, it happened and it is part of our story.

More than genetics, money or education, it is our journey who defines who we are. It defines what kind of person you are. Not the experiences you encountered nor the happy or traumatic events you may have endured. But rather how we dealt with those events and how we continue to deal with those events; when we evaluate ourselves and how we treat others.

Your journey is part of your story. But it is not the complete story of who and how you are. You, a soul, a spirit, who has traveled through this life and along the way; you learned and gathered bits and pieces from here and there. And you, yourself, have woven together yourself. And that is who you are today. You define… you.

So keep weaving. You are not finished yet. It is never to late to define who you are.”


And most of all… Make the best out of everything. Use your weakness to spur on your strength, life maybe muddled now but it will settle. Hold on to the faith. Keep keeping on.

~ Liz ❤️