Of Randomness & Such Meaningful Moments

No doubt this place tests your endurance and sanity I must say haha… The people here (many many people) are amazing, resilient, few annoying cause they follow and pester- I don’t know why but just hmmm really can’t explain. But mostly yes life lessons aplenty and priceless in comparison to be honest. The moments that the takes your breath away … being saucy here – not including the choked drains smells and cow manure LOL

Really … I have been taught plenty in humbleness and humility and the great human spirit in my journey here, and also the same for Andrew.

Too many to mention, some fills you up with hope, joy and contentment that you feel your chest is going to explode with it .. some brings you right back down to earth ..and in a hard way.

The photo I took just outside a snack shop where we bought our lunch of bread roll and one burger. There were people waiting outside and Andrew bought extra pieces and gave it to them. On the right side of the photo there’s an old woman, she was at a dementia stage I believe, needing care and the one who looked after her was the young boy in front of her, he fed her and cared for her. I don’t know whether he was her grandson but I don’t think so- just a human being caring for another… #lifesAngels

Another experience for me was we were at the bank and it was closed but there were a few people waiting and asking for money and the security guard shooed them away. One in particular caught my eye was a mother and her son. She was young in her late 30s perhaps and her son was maybe 9 or 10. They went away quickly as the guard cleared the area.
About an hour later we were on a Rickshaw heading to the nearby market and I saw them again, this time crouched beside a shop, sharing a small packet of rice… Ouff my heart *no words …

The need here and the desperation is immense and sometimes as human beings we dismiss just how bad it is for them based on just our shallow opinions and thoughts.

Andrew was telling me last night that on the way back from the Orphanage he stopped by a small slum area just off the beach where a small community lived. They were weaving fishing nets, a man and his wife. Just hospitable (they always tend to be, the *locals here ) and showed Andrew how he ties the net around his neck and the floats he used when he fished. The style of the way this type of fishing is that the men will wade the waters till neck high and spread out their nets in the water and wait for the fish. The old man told Andrew to come again the next day and he will give him some fishes from his next morning catch.
This, from someone who hardly makes anything for his family but just enough to feed them ‘hand to mouth’ #humbled

The children at the orphanage, the wee ones, shows us too the valuable life lessons in their own way of life.
As Andrew describes it best : “Kids with no parents, living on a dollar a day and still manages to smile more than I do.”
#lifelessons #grateful #humbled

(Photos by Andrew)


















to be continued….
~ Liz ❤️


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