Showing how vulnerable you are is not a sign of weakness… for me it shows you’re human. Yes its ok to not have all the answers.. cause sometimes you are being reminded that its not on your time… you dont have that power. Its all in God’s time. He knows our paths more than we can see it ourselves.
But its also good to realise, that some things are not just given, that you have to put in the effort too.
Practice humility in everything that you do, for, maybe at an unseen twist of bitter fate, what you take for granted might be tested and taken from you.
Never look down on another human being. You’re not put on a pedestal.
Remember each person on your way up in life as you’ll meet them on your way down. life always goes in a circle. What you put out will always come back to you, the good and bad.

Don’t get smug in your thinking and behaviour. Respect others even though they can’t offer you anything back in return.
If things are not going anywhere, ask yourself why and try and see the problem so as to be able to find a better solution.
Change your attitude & views as needed, a much clearer path might be shown to you.

Many make in wrath what they want in reason… try to be slow to anger and accept criticism gracefully. Respect and true understanding of your purpose and how you conduct yourself with others can bring you the peace that you seek.
Be sad, crying is not a sign of weakness.. but cry and be done with it, don’t dwell, brood and don’t let it consume you to a point of debilitating.
Life’s too short, live, not just merely exist, if you find what you want, then go for it.

Love more than you are shown, Compromise is the key to any negotiations for a better understanding, it doesn’t mean your giving in or losing, it means you value and respect another person’s views as well.
Swallow your ego, its not fattening, letting it get out of hand will cause you more harm than good. Don’t be reckless with people’s lives.
Practice integrity, always do as you say you’d do, then you’ll earn the respect & trust. Peace & happiness will be yours, if what you say and what you do are in harmony. Strive for that.

And above all, hold on to faith and hope, for without it all human hearts would break. Good Luck.

~ Liz ♥️



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