The Rohingyas Plight – Adrift and Abandoned. 

News everywhere is reporting the story of the numerous boats full of people, men, women and children adrift and abandoned at seas near Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Bangladesh. 

In one of our tweets from an interview we did few months ago where thousands of unregistered refugees were evicted and had their homes torn down, they describe how helpless they are and at the mercy of the authorities. 

When asked what should we do, where would we go the police told them,”Why don’t you go to the sea, you can die there”. Appalling. Seems that’s exactly what is happening now out on those waters. 

The police here claimed that they were just doing what the authorities ordered, to make way for a tourist line on the Marina way. God knows what tourist strip this was going to be, as we looked at the area with piles of torn-down wood, sheets and bamboo around the area, dozens and dozens of children and babies having to live in the cramp make shift tents while others try to rebuild their huts on whichever smaller plots of land they could build back their huts on. 

There are many stories, of human trafficking, girls driven to brothels and pimps, drug mules by locals who would use them to traffic drugs and abandon them if they get caught, just too many horrors in the refugees struggle to live a decent life, and how many thousands are taken advantage of. 

I look at the stories and the photos of the current situation with the boats and I think to myself, if I was on that boat, or if my family was on there, I would want someone, anyone, to help me, as would you I’m sure. 

I cannot even begin to imagine the desperation on board the boats, men, women and children fleeing a persecuted life in hope of a bit of mercy, a bit of chance to escape and wanting a better life than being oppressed and hunted and tortured, marginalized in their very own country. 

I cannot bear to see the pictures for once. I can already picture in my head the hunger, the fear in each and every one of them. 

As naive as it may sound -or not, I hope we can get to them fast. Some aid has been dropped to some of the boats, a few has jumped off and drowned, today’s story is how some of those on board got killed, fighting to get food from the aid given. Aid boats under fire for trying to reach them too.  Just beyond any words, oh humanity. 

Being denied landfall, adrift and abandoned. Days turned into weeks, a frightening nightmare no doubt. 

I hope we can put our heads together and come up with a relief and solution for these people. 

Like I said, if that was me on board, I would want someone to help. Wouldn’t you? IA 

~Liz ❤️

Main Featured photo: by Andrew Day Photography and watermarked photos © Copyrighted